I think the meaning of the fact that we are there with nature.


The house where I live now is the house that was built to relocated by the time young parents. Relocated has been even more than 60 years from, it seems to house up to 100 years when considering the original age. Live the mouse is in the old Japan of the house, live the spider, live snakes. Or saw a bushy every season, or see a centipede, or saw a gecko. Of course, some cockroaches. I do not think separately from bitter about it. They are just that family. Well, might large senior Given the abundance of generational change.

Recently, however, the bear from the mountain came down. Someone saw a monkey, saw a deer, captured the raccoon, died attacked by a bear, there is to see an article like that. Certainly bear scary. However, originally what was not had coexisted. If the views of the world, the lion is also scared, some people who live in the vicinity. I think that they are living with caution. For example, the sea is also scary. I know the fear of the sea and live near the sea. Still we are living Being very careful. I think the only to do so.

The fact that co-exist with nature, it feels not “overcome” it, as is often said to. Let alone is the arrogance of the “expel” the “extermination”. Just live with caution. There is no choice but that they have a respect for each other.

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