I think the meaning of the fact that we are there with nature.

The house where I live now is the house that was built to relocated by the time young parents. Relocated has been even more than 60 years from, it seems to house up to 100 years when considering the original age. Live the mouse is in the old Japan of the house, live the spider, live snakes. Or saw a bushy every season, or see a centipede, or saw a gecko. Of course, some cockroaches. I do not think separately from bitter about it. They are just that family. Well, might large senior Given the abundance of generational change.

Recently, however, the bear from the mountain came down. Someone saw a monkey, saw a deer, captured the raccoon, died attacked by a bear, there is to see an article like that. Certainly bear scary. However, originally what was not had coexisted. If the views of the world, the lion is also scared, some people who live in the vicinity. I think that they are living with caution. For example, the sea is also scary. I know the fear of the sea and live near the sea. Still we are living Being very careful. I think the only to do so.

The fact that co-exist with nature, it feels not “overcome” it, as is often said to. Let alone is the arrogance of the “expel” the “extermination”. Just live with caution. There is no choice but that they have a respect for each other.

the part of the wave that is echoing around the world

I think that any country of people around the world want a peaceful life in peace. However, the overlap is unhappiness and lack of understanding, and fighting is between countries or ethnic groups to each other. Humans previously would compete in some cases even with the neighbor was good of the relationship.

The country is not bad. Ethnicity is not the bad. Information of each other is possible and lack of understanding and happiness in an unfamiliar environment that are missing have become flashpoint of hatred.

I want to confront with the one person one person. I made the pages of this English for that. I, is a Japanese of only one person anonymous, believe can become the part of the wave that is echoing around the world.

I today, but I thought to write that a little more different, I thought I want to tell the world as soon as possible the wishes.

I will introduce the greats that Kata Midorikawa.

akatombo110517bKata Midorikawa (1872-1962) She is the daughter of Tottori clan chief retainer.  She gave birth the poet Rofu Miki after, is revered as the mother of the children’s song “Red Dragonfly”.  She served as a Tokyoteidai Hospital nurse, her husband Kikuo Midorikawa is a newspaper reporter, involved in social movements together.  She expand the women’s suffrage movement in Japan in the 1920s, “Bell already has. That sounded” urged and inspired at the time of the Japanese women.

katadouzouThe above sentence is what I translated the text that has been written in the monument. This monument has been standing in the lad Museum site in Tottori City, which she was born. There is the first year of the event was built monument today, I also did a play with your ocarina classrooms participating in the event. To the right of the photo, but has reflected the person with a broom, this is because the thing shooting a state in which cleaning with everyone the monument after the event.:-)

In a variety of situations

The date has already been changed, but it was a good day for fulfilling for me even today July 1.  First today went to the lessons of the ocarina to Kurayoshi away 50 kilometers.  And seven of the lessons, and the duet of lessons, and was one of the lessons.  Then ran 50 km car, was the set up of new personal computer and the Internet.  Night, we attended a meeting with local government and residents.

Everyone I think is that it’s many play a role in various situations.  I feel some resistance in each of the scene, I think that the last to hard to be instead of what is happiness, which can be in contact with the family in the smile of the day.

One day of peace today

I was sent out to repair the personal computer entrusted from customers.  June 30 is the morning.  The notebook computer is no longer displays only the display is white noise.  I found that you have started successfully and connect an external display.  I decided to leave the repair shop of the personal computer.  There are excellent technicians in there. We will be able to share good work.

In the afternoon, I went to buy a laptop and wireless wi-fi router new.  This is what was the order from another customer.  He says do not know what should I buy what is on your own.  This is a job to buy things in the budget that his need.  I made a promise to sell a personal computer to meet tomorrow with a phone call to him.

I‘ve had or the story, while the rest of the time of the afternoon drinking a precious friend and tea, and enjoy the music.

I am ocarina classroom is in the Cultural Center in the evening.

I have to think a lot about peace.  Also I think that Let’s write.  The date is now July changed. good night.

A little free day

I free time than usual were able to have today.  I was the discussion are invited to the home of the old gentleman there in the morning.  We have to talk about one of our town of a problem to live.  We have also or consulted of personal computers and the Internet.  We just did just to talk, spent precious time with a very meaning.

I went to the house of the women who have a music career together in the afternoon, after a variety of story, she plays the piano, I blew the ocarina. In addition, we also practice of ocarina together.

I am the ocarina classroom, such as the salon in the restaurant was remodeled the old Japanese house was visited tonight.  We received a coffee and cake or a meal here.  Lessons of Ocarina has been enhanced, but not in so long time, those of us in the chat would be a much longer time.  By the time I leave here, I have completely become a night of star.


You might this birds can be seen in the pigeon. The birds are black-tailed gull resting on the beach.

Around the one table

I Before the night class begins spent at the library about an hour.  Night of Ocarina classroom today, was a lesson in personal of your house in a small number of people.  It is a lesson while chatting in whispers also closeness of sounds such distance.

In this way and try to write, I’m working from morning to night to move in often car just one day today.

Gacho Club

cc-library010001850I went to Suetsune community center in the afternoon. Named “Gacho” is that of the “goose”.  The form of the ocarina was named because it resembles the goose.  This is the classroom who are learning the music of several members of the ocarina lovers.  We have to do a song for the practice meeting to be at the temple after a few days.  Everyone we are very eager to enjoy the music.

I am doing both the work of the personal computer and music.  By that I write thus here, you’ll be going to become clear that the first time in my work little by little.  Of course, neither fun!

Ocarina Lesson

This morning was the ocarina lessons.  She is more of a very energetic woman in your elderly.  She sometimes or play visiting nursing home from their own.  Lessons venue is the Tottori city of musical instrument store. Students are met with tuition in the music store, I collectively have received a salary from the musical instrument store every month.

RIMG0141Because there was little time until the next lesson we are resting in the parking lot stop by the Tottori Airport. This airport has a name of a famous anime in Japan.RIMG0142The parking signs anime character with a symbol that represents the location has been listed in various places. Driver does not forget where you put the car if you remember this character.


The night of June 27 was the ocarina classroom at the community center of my local Iwami-cho.  “Mamarina”, this name was given in the sense of “mon” our “ocarina” classroom.

communitycenterThis photo is only 40 years after the building is a community center, rebuilt after a few years is planned (Here there is a large size photo).  Since were taken to the front through the glass of the car at night, rain drops have reflected in the front glass.